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Our State Federation meeting was a huge success!
Thank you President Debbie Bullock for making it happen!

Photography by Terry Swindol


President's Message

Debbie Bullock Headshot_edited.jpg

     Welcome, I am so honored to be the 57th President of the Mississippi Federation of Music Clubs (MFMC). We are affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC). This year marks their 125th Anniversary as the largest non-profit organization in America, promoting and supporting American music, performers and music education.

     We welcome any Mississippian who is a music lover or a music professional to our organization. If you are interested in supporting the arts and encouraging young musicians in our state this is where you belong.

     Please contact me for membership information or a local club near you. 

                                                                    Debbie Bullock
MFMC President
E-Mail Debbie

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State President's Theme
"Music is what feelings sound like" 

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